Beauty Queen and songstress Katerina Villegas possesses a remarkable ability to connect with a diverse range of music fans. Her faith empowers her as she conducts herself with poise and class, her music is fun and relatable, and her attitude and energy are infectious, as is her forthcoming single “Dangerous Love.” Soon to be released on Katerina’s imprint Beauty Queen Records and drawing from her own personal experience and heartbreak, her debut single cuts to the core of the emotional rollercoaster of first love, and knowing full well when you’re headed for trouble.

Flawless looks, angelic voice and catchy tunes notwithstanding, Katerina radiates the positivity of an emerging star. Her years singing and performing and her numerous beauty contest titles have worked in her favor – she’s on point in the studio and right at home on the stage.

Katerina doesn’t believe in accidents – only opportunities. Although she admits to having been painfully shy for most of her adolescence, her true persona penetrates audiences and she wins hearts and minds at every performance. Born and raised in Southern California, she first performed live during Easter Sunday service at the age of five, and decided she would become a musical superstar. As enthusiastic as she was, her parents insisted that she attend college for something “other than music” before pursuing it as a career. Determined to make her point, she graduated from Azusa Pacific University (APU) with a communications degree after only three years – and became the president of the school’s Gospel Choir along the way.

Parallel to her studies, Villegas made moves to become a public figure by getting involved in beauty contests. She used each opportunity to build her platform as a musician (more so than a model), and won the titles of Miss Chino in 2013, Miss Hispanidad International. USA in 2015, Miss California US International in 2016 and the 1st runner up in Miss US International the same year. She continues to participate in pageants, now as a singer, instead of a contestant.

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Perhaps the most admirable thing about Katerina is that she brings home the win. Maybe it’s because she truly speaks for herself, stands her ground and controls her own career. Maybe it’s that she presents impeccably, graces the stage and captures the eye of passersby. Or maybe it’s destiny.   Whatever the case, Katerina believes in the magic and in her success. And amid a competitive industry in which women face constant pressure to sexualize their brand, she stands by the values on which she was raised.

“There is so much power that lies behind music. It has the potential to touch the lives of so many people, and this is why positive messages are a must. But it’s not just smiles and melodies and pretty pictures. It’s rehearsals, training, long days and nights, disappointments, overcoming fears and rejection, too. But ultimately this is me. This is freedom. This is the music business and I am ready to take my crown.” – Katerina Villegas